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Schools In Action School Food Authority Consulting & Management Services exists to solve the critical meal program issues facing our clients, both large and small. Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful. We provide a full range of services and solutions to help schools provide a more efficient and compliant meal program. 

Schools In Action serves a diverse range of schools from K-12 and schools that serve breakfast, lunch, snacks, supper, and/or the fresh fruit and vegetable program. Schools in Action became a School Food Authority (SFA) in 2011 upon opening Arts in Action Community Charter School, and SIA opened its program to outside charter schools in 2015. Schools in Action also serves as the administrator for the Better 4 You Meals USDA Food Cooperative since 2015. Under this program, Schools in Action supports one hundred and two (102) schools in ordering the food, processing the amount of commodity credits each school receives, and collaborating with the vendor for proper recording.


Schools In Action is the only school food program consulting firm based in California that is also an approved SFA and operates its own schools. Since SIA only operates in California, our strength and advantage comes from our expertise and intimate knowledge with all of California Department of Education’s rules and regulations. This makes us the top choice for all California schools with meal program needs.

If your school is not currently authorized to serve Supper meals, partner with Schools in Action SFA to provide your students with warm, nutritious meals after-school. SIA will run a compliant program for your school site at no cost to you, and SIA will manage all compliance monitoring, reporting and financials on your behalf.  Our services include:

  • Monthly meal reporting

  • Monthly meal ordering

  • Managing food vendor services

  • On-site monitoring visits

  • Extensive training for after-school staff

  • Audit Management


Does your school need our services? Contact us today.

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If your school will manage their own SFA but only needs support and assistance to qualify as an SFA or help with a specific process, our consulting services are what you need. Schools In Action SFA provides consulting services to individual charter schools by assisting and supporting with:

  • All aspects of the SFA and Supper application process and operations

  • NSLP audits and providing internal audits of  your own program

  • Meal vendor procurement process

  • Supper Program application process

  • Creating time-saving and cost-effective  food-service systems

  • Direct training and education for on-site personnel

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If your school will not manage their own SFA or does not have the personnel available, Schools In Action SFA performs numerous management and administrative services on behalf of its schools. We work to ensure compliance, maintain eligibility, streamline operations, and improve food service quality. SIA acts as the primary point of contact to ensure programs are running effectively and efficiently. Specific services offered are:

  • Processing of family meal applications

  • Verification reporting

  • Monthly meal reporting

  • Monitoring contract provisions between  food service provider and school

  • Yearly CDE application preparation and submission

  • Extensive training for all school site personnel

  • Audit management

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